Air fresheners are toxic!!!

When you walk past the air freshener aisle at the supermarket, you smell the wonderful aroma of the mixture of various available scents.You’d never think that you’re smelling the toxic scent of… toxins. Well, in reality that’s what they are. A report that was released in September of 2007 by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that 12 of 14 brands of common household air  fresheners contained phthalates.

Learn which brands contain phthalates and how you can get rid of odors naturally.


2 thoughts on “Air fresheners are toxic!!!

  1. Wow, I didn’t even stop to think that air fresheners could be toxic. Sort of makes sense now though. I liked the tip in the link for using baking soda before you vacuum, or leaving an open box of it in the room. Thanks for the info!

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