Yes, plastic is poison.

I despise drinking tap water. My number one reason it because it tastes nasty. Ever since I learned about all of the chemicals and metals contained in the average home’s tap water from watching an episode of Dr. Oz, I usually stick by bottled or filtered water for drinking. Still, purified or natural spring water can be dangerous simply because of the plastic it is contained in. Bisphenol A or BPA is a synthetic chemical contained in plastic water bottles and is used to make canned food and soda, receipts, plastic food containers, baby bottles, including some water supply pipes. When these plastics degrade, BPA is released into the environment and is often ingested, posing risk for various negative health effects, including cancer. BPA is extremely bad for you.

Do you know the ways that you come into contact with BPA everyday?   Learn about how to avoid ingesting toxic BPA now!


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