Terror from the toilet.

I despise public restrooms. Especially if they don’t provide toilet seat covers, adequate amounts of toilet paper, paper towels and soap. Without these items provided in the stall, I feel like I’m in an unsanitary war zone. Honestly, I have a public toilet phobia. I always feel like there’s live STDs and diseases just waiting on the seat to find an entrance to my body. I don’t know about you, but I never sit on a bare public toilet. Toilet seats are yucky when considering how many butts have sat on them and how much crap and urine goes in them from anonymous people. Toilet seat covers just make me feel a bit safer.

But in reality, toilet seat covers don’t really do much as far as sanitation. For seat covers to be effective, they need to be disinfected with some type of alcohol solution. It turns out that there are other many other dangers in the bathroom not caused by sitting on the seat.

According to The Baseline of Health Foundation, most disease-causing organisms can survive only seconds on the toilet seat. The only way you can be infected with something on a toilet seat is if it has direct contact with your genital tract or it enters through an open wound. “The probability of contracting a disease from the toilet seat, unless you have open sores on your behind, equates to the chance of getting struck by lightning.” That’s a relief, but I still wont be bare-butting on a public toilet seat!


3 thoughts on “Terror from the toilet.

  1. This is something I worry about as well. I always try to squat, but this can get exhausting if you have an extremely full bladder. Plus there is the potential for splashing from the toilet water and who knows how many bugs are lurking in there. What is worse is when you flush there is a fine misty spray coming from the toilet bowl water that can only be seen using chemicals and a black light. I’ve seen this done and it is horrifying. Sorry to add to your phobia! But it is a good idea to hold your breath after flushing until you have gotten some distance 🙂

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