Are you willing to suffer for high fashion?

Ladies! Let’s face it, no pair of high heels are truly comfortable. Any woman wearing heels right now is probably experiencing some discomfort. If the heel isn’t significantly low or you’re wearing a $1,000 pair equipped and design with comfort, you are most likely feeling some pain. High heels can be cute, stylish, sexy and all, but they can also come with severe consequences for those who wear them. See a visually detailed graphic that reveals what high heels really do to your body. High heels are a staple in some women’s everyday look because of their work environment or profession. Still, high heels should be worn sparingly. No doubt high heels are high fashion but even the most fashion forward women should take heed. Take a look into the fashion world where high heels reign and get some tips on this issue:

Be stylish, yet safe. Don’t harm your body for the sake of high fashion!


2 thoughts on “Are you willing to suffer for high fashion?

  1. Wow that picture made me want to know all about your post! After watching the video I am scared to put on my heels! Don’t get me wrong I hardly wear heels but now that I know I can get arthritis they might just be thrown out the door!!!!

  2. Don’t be scared girly! Just wear them sparingly and don’t wear them so much that you’re in pain and experience wear and tear on your feet and ankles. I love heels, but they’re definitely not worth getting athiritis!

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