Natural remedies for cigarette addiction

burning cigarette

I won’t sit and bore you with all of the health risks of cigarettes or how it totally destroys your lungs and body. We all know cigarettes are bad. Sadly, before people realize how terrible they are, they are already addicted. Most people can’t bear to just stop smoking cold turkey so they use other methods to get their fix without smoking. There are all kinds of methods out there that help people stop smoking. One of the most famous is the Nicorette Nicotine patch that helps you quit smoking by giving you small doses of nicotine as you wear it. Theres also Nicorette Gum that you chew to get your nicotine and avoid smoking.

Mini-Electronic-CigaretteThe latest most popular form of kicking the ol’ smoking habit is the electronic cigarette, or “e-cigarette”. There are several brands out right now, endorsed by various celebrities and companies. Unsurprisingly, there has been controversy over the health risks of using electronic cigarettes. Let’s just be honest nearly every method endorsed will have some type of side effect.

Really, it’s better to find a natural remedy to help you quit smoking. There are several that you can mix up and use in your daily routine to kick cravings. Most of them are much cheaper than other methods out there and they are beneficial to your overall health. It never hurts to try and if you aren’t a smoker, share them with your smoker friends and family and see how they work out for them. Good luck!


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