Why do You Care?

If you are anything like me, you are the person who wont eat Chinese food unless it is labeled “NO MSG,” you despise McDonald’s and wouldn’t dare feed it to your kids. You also despise similar food chains with similar crappy food and you research the preservatives listed in your food. You feel better eating foods with natural ingredients, no preservatives, and produce from the organic section. You probably hold your breath or immediately roll up all of the windows in your car when a diesel pumping pollution from it’s exhaust pipes pulls up next to you. You are usually telling your friends and loved ones, “Don’t eat that!” “That causes cancer!” or “That’s bad for you!” If this is you, then this blog is probably for you.

My interests in disease prevention, food safety and environmental protection sparked last spring while taking an environmental science class at Wichita State University. This course went extremely in depth about pollutants, global warming, toxins, bio-engineering of food and their hazards to humans. Since then, I became deeply concerned with the things I eat, breathe, drink, and use on my body. Learning about the massive amount of chemicals in the air and in food and everyday products makes me very worried and I want to spread the news. Corporations aren’t telling us everything. We must be aware of what is contained in everything because nothing is safe anymore.


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