What is sarin gas?


If you’ve been following the news, you would know that on Monday, President Obama warned Syria’s dictator, Bashar Assad that using chemical weapons against the Syrian rebel forces is “totally acceptable” and that he will face consequences if he does so. Despite this warning, the Syrian government has already begun loading components of sarin gas into bombs near airfields. Sarin is a highly toxic man-made nerve agent, and as a gas, can pose risks to a great amount of people. According to the CDC, even a small drop of liquid sarin on the skin will cause sweating and muscle twitching on contact. It is extremely dangerous to anyone that comes into contact with it.

“Within a few seconds of sarin gas exposure, victims will start to experience eye pain, drooling, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea and irregular heart rates.” – TIME Health & Family

“If exposed to a large amount of sarin in either gas or liquid form, victims can experience more severe and painful symptoms such as convulsions, paralysis, loss of respiratory functions and even death.” – TIME Health & Family


If Assad should decide that he will use these weapons against the Syrian rebel forces, there is no doubt that the U.S. will intervene and make him pay for the destruction and loss of lives that these chemical weapons are expected to cause.


Carbon monoxide exposure hospitalizes 43 elementary schoolers


Carbon monoxide (CO) is also known as the silent killer because you cannot see or smell it. According to the CDC,“carbon monoxide, or CO, an odorless, colorless gas can cause sudden illness and death. CO is produced any time a fossil fuel is burned in a furnace, vehicle, generator, grill, or elsewhere. CO from these sources can build up in enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces and poison the people and animals in them.” In other words, it is extremely bad for you.

This passed Monday on December 3, 2012, 43 students and 6 staff members of an elementary school in southwest Atlanta, Georgia were hospitalized after they were exposed to deadly carbon monoxide fumes. It turns out that like most schools, the school did not have carbon monoxide detectors.Surprisingly, they are not required by state or local laws and currently only Connecticut and Maryland have laws that require CO alarms in schools.


Any establishment that has appliances, for example that burn fuel, may be at risk for a carbon monoxide leak. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website features a webpage on carbon monoxide and any questions that you may have about what it is, how to detect leaks and symptoms of poisoning as well as poisoning prevention. If you do not have a carbon monoxide detector in your home, you should strongly consider getting one. Once it hits the air, it can be deadly.

Too bad so sad Mr. Turkey! It’s almost turkey time!

Well the time has rolled around again and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s a time to give thanks for all you have and most importantly, a time to have a massive dinner with your family. When you think Thanksgiving, you think turkey, the symbol of the holiday. Mmmmm… You can just see it now! A healthy slice of oven roasted turkey smothered in gravy right next to the dinner rolls and stuffing. As people are in the supermarkets searching for that perfect bird to cook for dinner, they probably don’t think twice about what turkeys will go through to complete their feast this year.

Most turkeys served at Thanksgiving are factory raised. This calls for severe mistreatment and high risk for health risks in humans. I’d hate to spoil the holidays, but I really think everyone should know the truth about turkey before you chow down on it at the dinner table. I’m pretty sure that it will change your perception of “turkey time”.

This PETA sponsored video gives a glimpse into what factory turkey farming is like at it’s worst. WARNING: This footage may be very, very disturbing!

If you want to learn more about eating wild turkey and farm raised turkey visit the Humane Society’s page on turkeys. If you don’t want to feast on a tortured turkey and are interested in purchasing a farm raised turkey for your Thanksgiving holiday, check labels on turkeys that say this. Try visiting your local farmer’s markets or check local health food stores for more information. Or, just leave turkey off of your plate and enjoy all of those delicious sides! Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone and don’t forget to give thanks!


Would you spray RAID on your food and eat it? Would you take a medication that has a side effect listed as CANCER? Not likely that you would do such stupid things, but this is what it is like to eat GMOs.

Have you ever thought about why so many people are sick and dying from CANCER? Sure people have been dying of disease for since forever, but in a time of constant advancement and discovery of medicines, cures and remedies that sustain life, why is cancer spreading like wildfire? GMOs are causing cancer in humans at a rapid pace. We are literally being used as lab rats to eat the stuff when it has already been proven to be hazardous to living organisms. You may not understand the severity because this isn’t usually the topic of discussion on most news and media outlets. This is something we must take upon ourselves to get educated, protect ourselves and our future. This is information that EVERYONE should know! Don’t be a victim to GMOs!

Why So Serious?

Side effects of long-term GM food consumption include liver cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer (for men too), thyroid tumors, Parkinson’s disease, infertility, birth defects, autism and brain tumors. The dreaded diagnosis of cancer has been linked in over 260 studies worldwide to agrochemicals. This stuff is not only bad, but deadly. We need the FDA to regulate and label which foods are genetically modified. We all have a right to know what’s in our food. Help fight for GMO labeling today!

Study shows Americans eat more than their body weight in GMOs every year!

EWG (Environmental Working Group) researchers have found that the average adult in America consumes an average of 193 pounds of GM corn-based products and salad oils every year. Sounds bizarre, but I don’t doubt it. Unless GMO labeling laws like Proposition 37 in California are passed in the  very near future, the biotechnology industry will continue to secretly release more GMOs into the food supply. In the next few decades, in fact, Americans will very likely be subjected to a whole host of new, undisclosed GMOs if mandatory GMO labeling does not become a national standard. This is really bad folks!

Teflon pans are a big no-no!

Teflon, non-stick pans are widely preferred when cooking. People use them because for one, they prevent your food from sticking to the bottom of the pan, preventing ruin of your beautiful food creations. Number two, they minimize the amount of oil needed to sauté your veggies and prevent fast burning. Well sorry cooks, chefs and foodies, Teflon can kill you!Well, eventually. Teflon pans release extremely toxic gasses into the air and into your food. Also little particles from the non-stick coating can get into your food releasing chemicals into your system. The non-stick coating contains PFOA, the same crap used to make those deadly microwave popcorn bags that I posted about a few weeks ago. According to studies, PFOAs cannot be broken down by the environment and can be found in 92% of humans. They can even kill cows if they ingest food or water polluted by it. So here you have it folks! Teflon pans can kill you and they’re definitely bad for you. So you can either take heed, or keep continue cooking away with them. Bon apétit!

Yes, plastic is poison.

I despise drinking tap water. My number one reason it because it tastes nasty. Ever since I learned about all of the chemicals and metals contained in the average home’s tap water from watching an episode of Dr. Oz, I usually stick by bottled or filtered water for drinking. Still, purified or natural spring water can be dangerous simply because of the plastic it is contained in. Bisphenol A or BPA is a synthetic chemical contained in plastic water bottles and is used to make canned food and soda, receipts, plastic food containers, baby bottles, including some water supply pipes. When these plastics degrade, BPA is released into the environment and is often ingested, posing risk for various negative health effects, including cancer. BPA is extremely bad for you.

Do you know the ways that you come into contact with BPA everyday?   Learn about how to avoid ingesting toxic BPA now!

Reasons why I stopped getting flu shots [UPDATED INFO]

You may want to rethink getting your next flu shot. If you already have received “the stick” it is wise to know what exactly injected into your body. According to the CDC, the flu vaccine contains folmaldehyde (a cancer causing agent), antibiotics and preservatives such as aluminum, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and thimerosol (mercury). Most of these ingredients are known to be bad for humans so why do doctors and pharmacies push so hard for people to get vaccinated every year? They give the impression that the vaccine is safe and is actually helping us rather than harming us.

In reality, flu vaccines are literally toxic and highly ineffective. Even small trace amounts of the above chemicals are not good for us and ironically, flu shots can’t guarantee you full protection. Although you may not see the side effects of them now, the delayed side effects can surely turn up later.  One  research study linked the combination of mercury and aluminum within the flu vaccine to a greater risk for Alzheimers disease. Still, we are still prompted to receive a shot every year. It all makes sense though, the flu vaccine industry is multi-billion dollar industry.


There are plenty alternatives to the flu vaccine that can prevent you from getting this flu this upcoming season. There are several  ways to boost your immune system naturally. It seems smarter to spend money on natural flu prevention than on a chemical injection that can’t guarantee you protection.