Are you willing to suffer for high fashion?

Ladies! Let’s face it, no pair of high heels are truly comfortable. Any woman wearing heels right now is probably experiencing some discomfort. If the heel isn’t significantly low or you’re wearing a $1,000 pair equipped and design with comfort, you are most likely feeling some pain. High heels can be cute, stylish, sexy and all, but they can also come with severe consequences for those who wear them. See a visually detailed graphic that reveals what high heels really do to your body. High heels are a staple in some women’s everyday look because of their work environment or profession. Still, high heels should be worn sparingly. No doubt high heels are high fashion but even the most fashion forward women should take heed. Take a look into the fashion world where high heels reign and get some tips on this issue:

Be stylish, yet safe. Don’t harm your body for the sake of high fashion!


Are you eating dirty food?

You would be amazed to see all of the grime, dirt and pesticide residue that sticks to the food you bring home from the supermarket. You must be sure to properly clean all of the fresh food items you plan to eat. Foods like beef and poultry are at high risk of Salmonella and other food borne illnesses. Any small dent or puncture in your fruits and vegetables open a path for bacteria to invade. Take a minute or two and have a look at the ten dirtiest foods that you and your family may be eating on a regular basis.

You must do more than a quick rinse to properly clean food. Think about the build up of pesticides and dirt on your produce. You must do more than rinsing to get it off. There are several effective ways to clean your produce that will ensure that you are eating clean food. Thanksgiving is around the corner and that means its about to be food heaven! Please folks, be careful with the food that you bring home from the grocery store and think twice before you snag grapes from the fresh fruit aisle for a quick snack! It’s bad, they haven’t been washed!

Be careful with coffee and caffeine!

Last week my great aunt, 71 was standing in the living room having a conversation with her daughter. In mid-conversation she fell to the floor, unresponsive for several minutes. Paramedics were called to the scene where they eventually got her to respond and rushed her to Galachia Heart Hospital to begin testing on her. My aunt is a real hardcore coffee drinker and her large consumption of coffee caused her to faint. Turns out that she was severely dehydrated as a result of drinking too much coffee and not enough water.

According to an article on DivineCaroline.comsome
health professionals recommend one cup of water for every cup of coffee that you consume. My aunt did not do this, and on top of that she was skipping meals until dinner time. The idea of caffeine dehydration has been thought of a myth due to studies have shown that in moderation, caffeine consumption does not lead to dehydration. Yet, this was not the case. My aunt was not drinking in moderation and health officials at the hospital determined that she was indeed dehydrated. According to, dehydration is a side effect and a sign of a caffeine overdose. If you consume more than 500 mg (four to seven cups) of coffee daily, you may experience dehydration.

Don’t faint and scare the hell out of your entire family because you’re drinking insane amounts of coffee. Sure everyone is different, but if you’re drinking coffee and start feeling weird, stop drinking so much (even if it’s a little) and go talk to your doctor. That is all!

Proposition 37 Fails to Pass in California

Well folks, unfortunately the pitch for GMO labeling didn’t get through. Prop 37 was successfully gained  47 percent of California’s votes, but big company names like Monsanto, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Kellogg, General Mills, DuPont, Bayer and other food and pesticide companies put forth nearly $45 million to fund the “No on Prop 37” campaign, and won. According to Natural News, this same campaign has a criminal complaint filed against it with the FBI. The campaign was linked to an alleged criminal fraud in which it used a fake FDA quote and sent out mailers fraudulently using the FDA seal. Tisk, tisk, tisk!

Be not discouraged people! The battle for GMO labeling has just begun! This fight has spread substantial awareness about GMOs both nationwide and worldwide making people question the idea of GMOs and what exactly is in their food. In due time, our rights will be acknowledged. We are more than 4 million votes closer to victory. Their secret is out and we wont stop until until GMO labeling becomes a law. Don’t give up the fight! Continue to support GMO labeling!

Presidential elections got you stressed out?

Who will be the president for the next four years? This is all people have been buzzing about for the past couple months and more intensely in the past week. Well folks, tonight is the night! Either Barack Obama will serve his last four years as president or Mitt Romney will open up a whole new era as president of the United States. Many people are worried about the outcome of this election, which looks very close already. Some are worrying about the future of a lagging economy, the housing crisis, their jobs and finances. Others are just stressing to cast their vote in time.

Nasty campaign ads, replays of the debates, Twitter and Facebook going crazy, negativity and opinions all over the media, leaving us with the constant reminder that your vote counts toward the future. All of this has gotten some people on edge and feeling stressed. Believe it or not, there is something experts are call, “Election Stress Sydrome.” Do you have it? Find out if you do, and if so, there are ways to handle this and to manage stress. Tonight is the night of truth! And remember, what it is will be! Stress is bad for you, don’t do it!

One more day to vote for GMO labeling!

Tomorrow, Californians have a chance to vote for the basic principle that consumers have a right to know what is in the food they eat. This basic principle is Proposition 37 people! By supporting Proposition 37, we can join with the 61 countries throughout the world that are already making sure that genetically engineered foods are properly labeled for consumers. With enough votes for Proposition 37 from Californians, people around the nation and the world will be reminded that this basic information is something that we all deserve to know.

We don’t want to lose this battle! People on Twitter from all over the world are Tweeting like crazy trying to spread awareness until the last minute to get Prop 37 passed! See how #GMOLabeling and #Prop37 are trending!

Natural emergency first aid kit for times of crisis

It may be too late for the most of the people on the north east coast to gather up items for this time of emergency. The super storm AKA Hurricane Sandy has left many people devastated. Many people are still trapped inside of their home and unable to leave their cities to gather supplies. Just imagine NO power, NO transportation system, NO 911 emergency system available to respond. Many people did not properly prepare for the storm and are now facing some emergency situations. Never underestimate the power of a storm or the damage it can do. Be proactive and keep an emergency kit on stand-by. Take a look at this emergency first aid checklist which includes herbs, medicines and tools for holistic medical safety in any crisis. It wont hurt to gather up some items that may come in handy sometime in the future. Don’t wait until you’re devastated and in crisis!

Halloween hazards

Halloween is one of the most fun festivities of the year. You get to dress up in silly costumes and it’s perfectly normal. The little ones get to be their favorite cartoon character or celebrity and they get to scream, “Trick-or-treat!” and get their candy buckets with treats. It’s all fun and sweet right? Not really. There are some important warnings that you should adhere to before you get all up in the Halloween spirit. Protect yourself and your children before you set out on your trick-or-treat travels. Beware of Halloween face paints that have toxic ingredients, hair coloring that creates allergic reactions, painted props that contain lead, and candy that is not so much of a treat. Sadly, just dressing up for Halloween can pose scarier dangers than any ghost or goblin. Beware!

Monsters are killing people!

I’ve never cared for energy drinks. Sure, I’ve had a few Red Bulls, but the popular energy drink called “Monster” just looks scary to me. That creepy “M” on the black can just makes it look suspect to my well-being.The drink is a 24-ounce carbonated beverage with 240 milligrams of caffeine. That is seven times the amount that is found in a regular 12 ounce soda. Turns out the this ridiculously caffeinated drink has been linked to the death of a 14-year-old girl who died of “caffeine toxicity” after drinking two 24 oz. cans of Monster Energy drink. It has also been linked to the deaths of four other people. The deaths are all currently under investigation of the FDA

According to Livestrong.comMonster Energy drinks provide about 200 calories per 8 oz. The drink is fortified with an abundance of B vitamins, which are helpful for energy metabolism and immune system health.  can. Oh, but there’s more! On top of the mass amounts caffeine, the drink also contains 54 g of sugar. Monster Energy drinks are high in sodium: about 360 mg per can. Both sugar and sodium are related to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, and the American Heart Association recommends limiting both to prevent heart problems. Sounds  pretty bad!

Terror from the toilet.

I despise public restrooms. Especially if they don’t provide toilet seat covers, adequate amounts of toilet paper, paper towels and soap. Without these items provided in the stall, I feel like I’m in an unsanitary war zone. Honestly, I have a public toilet phobia. I always feel like there’s live STDs and diseases just waiting on the seat to find an entrance to my body. I don’t know about you, but I never sit on a bare public toilet. Toilet seats are yucky when considering how many butts have sat on them and how much crap and urine goes in them from anonymous people. Toilet seat covers just make me feel a bit safer.

But in reality, toilet seat covers don’t really do much as far as sanitation. For seat covers to be effective, they need to be disinfected with some type of alcohol solution. It turns out that there are other many other dangers in the bathroom not caused by sitting on the seat.

According to The Baseline of Health Foundation, most disease-causing organisms can survive only seconds on the toilet seat. The only way you can be infected with something on a toilet seat is if it has direct contact with your genital tract or it enters through an open wound. “The probability of contracting a disease from the toilet seat, unless you have open sores on your behind, equates to the chance of getting struck by lightning.” That’s a relief, but I still wont be bare-butting on a public toilet seat!