So What’s Good for You?

Since this blog is mostly focused on the things which are bad for you, it may tend to be a bit negative while you are taking some of the information in. Some of the things that are posted as bad for you cannot be immediately catered to or prevented because we are used to them within our everyday lives. Don’t stress! This blog is merely informational and was created to raise awareness. However, for the sake of positivity and further awareness, I have decided to compile my own list of things that I believe are good for you (in moderation). These are all my opinion so beware…

  1. water
  2. honey
  3. sun
  4. washing your hands
  5. praying
  6. meditation
  7. sleep
  8. good posture
  9. having a pet
  10. exercise
  11. vegetables
  12. fruit
  13. fish
  14. Twitter
  15. alone time
  16. positive people
  17. GMO-free food
  18. shopping
  19. self-expression
  20. supportive family/friends
  21. love
  22. laughing
  23. safe sex
  24. dancing
  25. jumping
  26. stretching
  27. farting
  28. deep breathing
  29. music
  30. nature
  31. crying
  32. be back later…

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