One more day to vote for GMO labeling!

Tomorrow, Californians have a chance to vote for the basic principle that consumers have a right to know what is in the food they eat. This basic principle is Proposition 37 people! By supporting Proposition 37, we can join with the 61 countries throughout the world that are already making sure that genetically engineered foods are properly labeled for consumers. With enough votes for Proposition 37 from Californians, people around the nation and the world will be reminded that this basic information is something that we all deserve to know.

We don’t want to lose this battle! People on Twitter from all over the world are Tweeting like crazy trying to spread awareness until the last minute to get Prop 37 passed! See how #GMOLabeling and #Prop37 are trending!


Study shows Americans eat more than their body weight in GMOs every year!

EWG (Environmental Working Group) researchers have found that the average adult in America consumes an average of 193 pounds of GM corn-based products and salad oils every year. Sounds bizarre, but I don’t doubt it. Unless GMO labeling laws like Proposition 37 in California are passed in the  very near future, the biotechnology industry will continue to secretly release more GMOs into the food supply. In the next few decades, in fact, Americans will very likely be subjected to a whole host of new, undisclosed GMOs if mandatory GMO labeling does not become a national standard. This is really bad folks!