So you wana be inky? Well think again!

Let’s just keep it real. Tattoos are all the rage amongst young people. They are one of the most popular visual forms of expression and can be very attractive to some. There are kids out there just itching for the day when they’re old enough to get a tattoo. I have two tattoos myself and often fantasize about my next ink and where it will go. Tattoos are addictive that is for sure. I always knew that you have to be careful when getting tattoos because of risk for improper sanitation and sterilization. Personally, I have always gone to a professional to get mine done.

However, I just recently became aware of a nasty outbreak of hard-to-treat skin disease attributed to tattoo ink ingredients that prompted both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to issue warnings about the associated health risks of tattoos. Apparently, some inks contain dyes “suitable for printers’ ink or automobile paint.” Black ink in particular may be trouble from the carcinogenic point-of- view. I love tattoos, but now I am definitely having second thoughts about my next ink. I’m really beginning to think they’re bad for you. Sad face!

Would you care for a “triple dose of poison?”

It rubs me the wrong way to watch people microwave food in in plastic containers, plastic bags or Styrofoam. It’s like you can just feel the chemicals cooking! I used microwave in plastic too, but my dad saw me doing it one day and stopped me. Now I tell other people same thing, even if it pisses them off because they’re hungry. When you microwave your food in plastic not labeled microwave-safe, you may be allowing toxins into your food, increasing the levels of carcinogens you consume. Watch out for rubber lids and their containers too! Freezer bags aren’t innocent either along with meat trays, foam containers, coated cardboard, and most soup and noodle cups. A lot of people microwave food with Saran Wrap on top of it. All of this is bad for you!!

It may be time for you to ditch the plastics and learn about other ways you can store and heat up food.

Links between microwave popcorn and carcinogens?

Is it really not safe to buy a bag of popcorn at the video store with intentions to enjoy a movie night with the family? Popcorn is supposed to be crunchy, buttery, innocent and friendly- not deadly. Turns out that the buttery coating on the popcorn contains a chemical called diacetyl and the bags contain a coating that breaks down into a carcinogen called PFOA. One Colorado resident has been awarded damages for contracting a chronic condition from microwave popcorn. Microwave popcorn is officially bad for you!