We know stress is bad, but how so?

Stress is a part of life. Many things in life we can’t change and have to deal with them, thus leading to stress. Just knowing about all of the things in life that are bad for you stresses me out! Even thinking too much can cause stress. As college students, we tend to stress a lot. Especially those of us who are attending classes full-time, working a job and dealing with our personal lives. We often feel overwhelmed and tend to stress more than we should. What is good about stress is that it means that we actually care about what’s going on otherwise we wouldn’t care to stress about it.

When stress turns into dis-tress, that’s when stress turns dangerous with the potential to cause various health issues. It’s important to understand how stress can affect you, then maybe you will try not to do it.Don’t stress! You must learn how to cope. There are various steps that you can take to relieve your stress. Be stress free because too much stress is bad for you!