Are you eating dirty food?

You would be amazed to see all of the grime, dirt and pesticide residue that sticks to the food you bring home from the supermarket. You must be sure to properly clean all of the fresh food items you plan to eat. Foods like beef and poultry are at high risk of Salmonella and other food borne illnesses. Any small dent or puncture in your fruits and vegetables open a path for bacteria to invade. Take a minute or two and have a look at the ten dirtiest foods that you and your family may be eating on a regular basis.

You must do more than a quick rinse to properly clean food. Think about the build up of pesticides and dirt on your produce. You must do more than rinsing to get it off. There are several effective ways to clean your produce that will ensure that you are eating clean food. Thanksgiving is around the corner and that means its about to be food heaven! Please folks, be careful with the food that you bring home from the grocery store and think twice before you snag grapes from the fresh fruit aisle for a quick snack! It’s bad, they haven’t been washed!


Incense are carcinogenic!

Since I was a child, I have been around incense smoke. Incense have always seemed harmless to me, probably because some incense smell almost Godly. I remember dancing around in the smoke as a child, not thinking anything of it. My grandmother burned them on a regular basis. She even smelled of incense when you got close to her. My mother and all of my aunt’s have always burned incense as well.  In fact, my mom is burning incense right now and when I told her they can cause cancer, she has claimed that this will be the last one (we will see).

A study published in the September 2001 issue of the Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology indicates that burning incense can expose people to dangerous levels of cancer-causing chemicals.

If you burn incense, you may want to look into other ways of releasing pleasant smells into your home because they’re bad for you. As I recently discussed, air fresheners are toxic and there is evidence that says candles aren’t good for air quality either, but there are some “safer scents” that can make your house smell just as good.

Teflon pans are a big no-no!

Teflon, non-stick pans are widely preferred when cooking. People use them because for one, they prevent your food from sticking to the bottom of the pan, preventing ruin of your beautiful food creations. Number two, they minimize the amount of oil needed to sauté your veggies and prevent fast burning. Well sorry cooks, chefs and foodies, Teflon can kill you!Well, eventually. Teflon pans release extremely toxic gasses into the air and into your food. Also little particles from the non-stick coating can get into your food releasing chemicals into your system. The non-stick coating contains PFOA, the same crap used to make those deadly microwave popcorn bags that I posted about a few weeks ago. According to studies, PFOAs cannot be broken down by the environment and can be found in 92% of humans. They can even kill cows if they ingest food or water polluted by it. So here you have it folks! Teflon pans can kill you and they’re definitely bad for you. So you can either take heed, or keep continue cooking away with them. Bon apétit!

Yes, plastic is poison.

I despise drinking tap water. My number one reason it because it tastes nasty. Ever since I learned about all of the chemicals and metals contained in the average home’s tap water from watching an episode of Dr. Oz, I usually stick by bottled or filtered water for drinking. Still, purified or natural spring water can be dangerous simply because of the plastic it is contained in. Bisphenol A or BPA is a synthetic chemical contained in plastic water bottles and is used to make canned food and soda, receipts, plastic food containers, baby bottles, including some water supply pipes. When these plastics degrade, BPA is released into the environment and is often ingested, posing risk for various negative health effects, including cancer. BPA is extremely bad for you.

Do you know the ways that you come into contact with BPA everyday?   Learn about how to avoid ingesting toxic BPA now!

Would you care for a “triple dose of poison?”

It rubs me the wrong way to watch people microwave food in in plastic containers, plastic bags or Styrofoam. It’s like you can just feel the chemicals cooking! I used microwave in plastic too, but my dad saw me doing it one day and stopped me. Now I tell other people same thing, even if it pisses them off because they’re hungry. When you microwave your food in plastic not labeled microwave-safe, you may be allowing toxins into your food, increasing the levels of carcinogens you consume. Watch out for rubber lids and their containers too! Freezer bags aren’t innocent either along with meat trays, foam containers, coated cardboard, and most soup and noodle cups. A lot of people microwave food with Saran Wrap on top of it. All of this is bad for you!!

It may be time for you to ditch the plastics and learn about other ways you can store and heat up food.

Air fresheners are toxic!!!

When you walk past the air freshener aisle at the supermarket, you smell the wonderful aroma of the mixture of various available scents.You’d never think that you’re smelling the toxic scent of… toxins. Well, in reality that’s what they are. A report that was released in September of 2007 by the Natural Resources Defense Council found that 12 of 14 brands of common household air  fresheners contained phthalates.

Learn which brands contain phthalates and how you can get rid of odors naturally.

Reasons why I stopped getting flu shots [UPDATED INFO]

You may want to rethink getting your next flu shot. If you already have received “the stick” it is wise to know what exactly injected into your body. According to the CDC, the flu vaccine contains folmaldehyde (a cancer causing agent), antibiotics and preservatives such as aluminum, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and thimerosol (mercury). Most of these ingredients are known to be bad for humans so why do doctors and pharmacies push so hard for people to get vaccinated every year? They give the impression that the vaccine is safe and is actually helping us rather than harming us.

In reality, flu vaccines are literally toxic and highly ineffective. Even small trace amounts of the above chemicals are not good for us and ironically, flu shots can’t guarantee you full protection. Although you may not see the side effects of them now, the delayed side effects can surely turn up later.  One  research study linked the combination of mercury and aluminum within the flu vaccine to a greater risk for Alzheimers disease. Still, we are still prompted to receive a shot every year. It all makes sense though, the flu vaccine industry is multi-billion dollar industry.


There are plenty alternatives to the flu vaccine that can prevent you from getting this flu this upcoming season. There are several  ways to boost your immune system naturally. It seems smarter to spend money on natural flu prevention than on a chemical injection that can’t guarantee you protection.